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upcoming mobile phones Upcoming new mobile phone for this year

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Upcoming new mobile phone for this year

Here are the posts on upcoming Samsung phones this year. Now you can collect information about “Upcoming new mobile phone”. There are many types of upcoming smartphones in the world. But you this information for the latest smartphone.

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Google Pixel 6 Range and Google :

First, I want to describe the best smartphone Google Pixel 6 Range. The most exciting best smart mobile phone for this time and upcoming time has been launched in years. The Google Pixel 6 Range and pixel 6 pro mobile are one of them.

Also, the Pixel 6 range has a new chipset dubbed the Google Tensor. Google first has been made by Google itself, so no other phones have it. The other specs, the google pixel 6 pro has a curved screen of around 6.7 inches including a 120 Hartz refresh rate while the basic google pixel 6 has a flat 90 Hartz screen.

In addition, get a 3 (three) lens camera on the google pixel 6 pro smartphone ultra-wide and telephoto offering. It is applicable for 4x zoom and standard it lacks the telephoto lens but keeps the other 2.

The google pixel 6 pro has the best features such as  12 Gigabyte of RAM, 256 Gigabyte internal storage capacity, 50-megapixel main camera, and 48-megapixel telephoto one, and 12 megapixel ultra-wide on, 5000 mAh battery capacity and it has a maximum 512 Gigabyte of storage. So, it is a seriously high spec smartphone.

And also google pixel 6 has 4614 mAh (battery). the internal storage is 256 GigaByte. 19th October 2021 We will find out sure.

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Google Pixel 5

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